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Download All Mobile FRP Unlock Tool/FD Tool V3.8

All Mobile FRP Unlock Tool is a Free third-party Windows program to Remove FRP lock from any Android FRP Enabled phone. You can use the tool to bypass FRP lock from any Android phone such as Huawei, Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi, Asus, Moto, Android mobile with any Android security patch version easily. So, follow these simple steps and download FD Tool V3.8 One Click FRP Remove Tools for PC to Unlock Google Account Verification within a few minutes. 

All Mobile FRP Unlock Tool also allows to Erase FRP Lock, Factory Reset, Firmware Flash, remove screen locks, Repair IMEI, Backup & Restore EFS, Remove Pattern/Password/Pin Lock, and Open Diag Port.

If you facing the problem of FRP protection after performs a hard reset, then let me tell you clearly, there is no permanent ways to get unlock your phone because Android has updated the security version two months to fix the old FRP unlocking patch.

The procedure of FRP Remove Tool is quite easy, all you have to do is, run the tool, connect your device in EDL, Download, ADB, or Fastboot Mode, Now it will detect your phone and Unlock the FRP lock from your device. But make sure, first you have to install the proper USB driver to use it properly.

Download All Mobile FRP Unlock Tool for PC 

Check below, to know which Windows version can easily support this unlock tool also download the FRP Unlock tool for PC easily,

File info
File Name : All FRP Unlock tools.zip
File Size : 500 MB
Type : exe
Compatible OS : Windows XP [32bit], Windows 7 [32bit & 64bit], Windows 8 [32bit & 64bit], Windows 8.1 [32bit & 64bit], Windows 10 [32bit & 64bit]
Credit: David Notce
Download: FD FRP Tools v3.8.zip

How to Install One Click FRP Remove Tools

■ Download and extract the FD FRP tool to your computer. 
■ Now extract the tool using WinRAR or 7Zip,

■ Run the FDFullLoader.exe as Administrator. 

■ You Will get a Patching Complete popup.
■ Click OK =>>OK.

■ Now the Tool will open successfully. 

How to use All Mobile FRP Unlock Tool

■ Run the FRP tool from the desktop shortcut. 
■ Now you can use it to unlock FRP from your Android phone. 

Motorola FRP Tools:
Flash Firmware All Android 
■ Flash Firmware 
■ Downgrade Android 
■ Remover FRP Automatic
■ Motorala Unlock Bootloader 
■ Repair Network-FRP brick Signal
■ Reboot Recovery & Bootloader 
■ Factory Reset 
■ Flash Logo.bin and Boot & Recovery.img
■ Moto MTK Tool 
■ Downgrade Baseband 
■ Restore IMEI original
■ Backup & Restore EFS
■ Flash TWRP Recovery 
■ Flash Root.Moto
■ Downgrade All Android 
■ Flash Repair Firmware 

Samsung FRP Tools:
■ Restore IMEI original 
■ Flash official Firmware and Combination
■ Flash Modem.bin
■ Recovery. img Flash 
■ System.img Flash 
■ Boot.img Flash 
■ Flash Root.SAMS
■ MDM Remove 
■ Fix Update error
■ Reboot Flash Mode 
■ Backup EFS
■ Write EFS
■ Restore EFS
■ FRP Remove 
■ Reboot Recovery 
■ Reboot Download 
■ Flash Downgrade Modem Root Mode 

Xiaomi FRP and MI Unlock Tools
Mi ACC Remove 
■ Anti Relock 
■ Repair IMEI Qualcomm 
■ Edit QCN
■ Open Diag Port 
■ Qfil Flash/Restore 
■ Flash TWRP all models
■ Flash Firmware Sideload/Recovery 
■ Data Format 
■ Flash Firmware Fastboot
■ Mi Flash Tools
■ Mi Authentication Acc

Apple Icloud Tools
■ Apple Flash IOS. IPSW [Without Data loss]
■ Apple Flash IOS.IPSW [Wipe Userdata]

Asus FRP Tools
■ Asus FRP Universal
■ FRP Asus ZC554KL
■ FRP Asus ZE520KL
■ FRP Asus ZE552KL

Vivo FRP Tools
■ FRP Vivo V5 Plus 
■ FRP Vivo V7 Plus 
■ FRP Vivo V7
■ FRP Vivo V9
■ FRP Vivo X5
■ FRP Vivo X9 Plus 
■ FRP Vivo X9
■ FRP Vivo X21
■ FRP Vivo Y13L
■ FRP Vivo Y53
■ FRP Vivo Y55
■ FRP Vivo Y55s
■ FRP Vivo Y65
■ FRP Vivo Y66
■ FRP Vivo Y66i
■ FRP Vivo Y71
■ FRP Vivo Y91
■ FRP Vivo Y95
■ FRP Vivo Y51

LG FRP Tool 
■ Remover FRP ADB Mode 
■ Flash KDZ File
■ Greenciador De Disco
■ Loader Download 
■ Tutorial D295F
■ Tutorial outros Modelos 

Huawei FRP Tool 
Remover FRP 
■ Ativer ADB
■ Flash Root.hw

Qualcomm FRP Tool 
Repair IMEI
■ Edit QCN
■ Open Diag Port 
■ Remove FRP Fastboot 
■ Remove FRP ADB
■ Format Userdata 
■ Qfil Flash Restore 
■ Fastboot Reboot EDL

Flash Firmware 
■ Flash Firmware [MTK_All_In_One_Da.bin]
■ Flash Firmware DA_PL.bin
■ Flash Firmware DA_PI_Crypto20.bin
■ Flash Firmware [DA_SWSEC.bin]
■ Flash Firmware [DA_SWSEC_Crypto20.bin]
■ MTK IMEI Repair Tool 
■ FRP Remove CPU MT6572
■ FRP Remove CPU MT6580
■ FRP Remove CPU MT6592
■ FRP Remove CPU MT6735M
■ FRP Remove CPU MT6737M
■ FRP Remove CPU MT6750
■ FRP Remove CPU MT6753
■ FRP Remove CPU MT6755
■ FRP Remove CPU MT6795

Fastboot FRP Tool 
Asus FRP Fastboot 
■ Xiaomi FRP Fastboot 
■ Qualcomm FRP 
■ Lenovo FRP Fastboot 
■ Spreadturm FRP Fastboot 
■ Sair Do MODO Fastboot 
■ Reboot Bootloader 
■ Factory Reset 
■ Reboot Recovery 
■ Device Info
■ That's it.