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Samfw FRP Tool V3.31 Latest Version Download Remove FRP with one click

Hey guys!
Today, I will share SamFw FRP Tool V3.31 How to use and Download Latest Version 

Main Function:
  ● Remove FRP with one click
  ● Change CSC with one click  (beta)

Big update V3 12-07-2022

  + Add (MTP) Enable Secret code (*#06*#, *#0*#,....) for Verizon phone 
  + Add (TestMode) Disable Factory mode
  + Fix (MTP) Red Information : show Fail one some device 
  + Fix (DLM) Red Information: a small Error 
  + Improve (Test Mode) Change CSC 
  + Improve (ADB) Get list Support CSC: Support S22 Series 
  + Improve (ADB) Check su
  + Improve (ADB) Disable/Enable OTA: update for more variant 
  + Improve (ADB) Delete bloatware: add some Version bloatware 
  + Fix bugs
  + Security update 

 List of functions 

Test mode (*#0*#)

  ● Remove FRP 
  ● Factory Reset 
  ● Disable Knox
  ● Change CSC 
  ● Disable Factory Mode

MTP Mode

  ● Open Browser 
  ● Factory Reset 
  ● Enable Secret code of Verizon

ADB Mode

  ● Red  full Information 
  ● Disable OTA Update 
  ● ADB FRP (old and New Method)
  ● Remove Samsung Account ( This Functions Works to remove the Account in Settings only, not Supporting locked state)
  ● Delete bloatware 
  ● Battery Information 
  ● Get list Support CSC
  ● Remove Screen Lock (Root)
  ● Set Language 

Download Mode

  ● Exit Download Mode
  ● Sift brick Fix
  ● FRP Android 5/6 (Support Some Model)

Odin Flash

  ● Save recent flash file
  ● Auto-detect file and select slot 
  ● Auto-extract for zip file
  ● Ignore MD5 checksum


  ● Check Driver Signature enforcement status
  ● Disable/Enable Driver Signature enforcement 
  ● Install Samsung USB Driver
  ● Install VC ++2015 (for ADB works)


  ● MTP Reboot System 
  ● MTP Reboot Download Mode 
  ● MTP Reboot Binary Mode
  ● ADB Reboot System 
  ● ADB Reboot Download Mode
  ● ADB Reboot Recovery Mode 
  ● ADB Power off

Read info 

  ● Read Information on MTP mode
  ● Read Information on Download mode

 Remove FRP with one Click 

  1. Cannect the phone to the PC, and Install the Samsung Driver if you have not yet installed 
  2. Go to Emergency call then type *#0*#
  3. Click Remove FRP on the Tool
  4. Click Accept USB Debugging on the phone if it appears 
  5. The phone will Finish and Reboot after Removeing FRP.
  5. That's it.

Download SamFw FRP Tool All Version 

  3. SamFw FRP Tool V3.0  Link 1   Link 2 
  4. SamFw FRP Tool V3.1  Link 1   Link 2 
  5. SamFw FRP Tool V3.2  Link 1   Link 2
  6. SamFw FRP Tool V3.31 Link 1  Link 2  
  7. SamFw FRP Tool V4.0 Link 1   Link 2

SamFw FRP Tool Tutorial 1: 

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